Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Advanced Training

Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Training


Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security

Looking for Industrial Control Systems Cyber Security Advanced Training?

Then this Abhisam course is the one that you’re looking for.

Industrial Control System Cyber security Training Course

Composed on several modules that include everything from Basic Concepts of Industrial Control Systems as well as Basic Concepts about cyber security, this Abhisam training course has them all.

The Advanced Module of this course includes current topics such as the MITRE ATT&CK for ICS model and how you can use it to evaluate your own Industrial Control System, honeypots, using online services including  SHODAN to locate vulnerable systems and more.

You even get to participate in a Red Team/Blue Team tabletop exercise known as the Abhisam Cybersecurity Thriller to have a real world experience and get to know how Industrial Control Systems cybersecurity is affected by other incidents.

The recent Colonial Pipelines ransomware attack showed everybody how a cyber attack on critical infrastructure can adversely affect not just the targeted company, but also the economy in general and cause hardships to the general population, such as long lines at several gas stations on the East Coast.

Industrial Cybersecurity Training compared to generic IT Cybersecurity Training

While enrolling in an Industrial Cybersecurity training course, it must be borne in mind that the subject is niche. Many IT security professionals themselves may not be much aware of how Industrial Control Systems such as DCS ( Distributed Control Systems),  PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems), SIS (Safety Instrumented Systems) or BMS (Building Management Systems) really work.

They are not just “a computer that controls a factory” or a “computer that gathers data” but they are deeply interconnected with a plethora of sensors, transmitters, intermediate devices such as Intrinsic safety Barriers, relays, final control elements such as valves and dampers and so on. Any tinkering with these systems may cause actual real world impacts that may adversely affect the plant assets or the environment or cause injuries to people.

Therefore ensure that your training provider does not give you a run of the mill cybersecurity course with something about Industrial Control Systems stuck on it as an afterthought, the entire course must center only on the cyber security of Industrial Control Systems  including DCS security, PLC security, SCADA security, SIS security.

Abhisam has in-house expertise on Industrial Automation devices and systems and has several training programs related to these systems such as on Fieldbus, Safety Instrumented Systems, Variable Frequency Drives and so on.

Industrial Automation and Control Systems are cyber-physical systems and their functioning (or rather non-functioning) can cause serious implications in case they are attacked. This is not the case with other IT systems such as for example a SAP based ERP system. Any attacks on such an ERP system may result in financial and logistical disruptions, but not physical disasters such as toxic gas leak or an explosion or poisoning of a city water supply as almost happened during the Florida  Oldsmar cyber attack incident.

Does it cover standards?

The Abhisam Industrial Cyber Security online training course covers industry standards such as IEC 62443, which many other so called ICS Security courses will not cover. Many of these other cybersecurity training courses are focused more on network security, intrusion detection systems, firewalls and other IT security issues rather than OT security aspects.

Very soon a separate module on IEC 62443-2-4, which covers Security Program Requirements for Automation vendors will be added.

How much will an ICS Security Course cost?

Many providers of Industrial Control Systems Cyber security courses cost a bomb, whil not delivering enough information that is needed to deal with real world Industrial Control Systems. The Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity Course is  the most affordable course out there, which covers all the bases, but is also priced lower than comparable courses.

Do you have any free Industrial Cybersecurity pdf?

Sure, you can download the free Industrial Cybersecurity pdf Report from us that is available for free to understand industrial control systems cyber security. It has insights from people with years of experience in Oil & Gas, Industrial Automation, Water & Wastewater, Engineering Design, Industrial Cybersecurity and other industry sectors.

You can find more resources on our Cybersecurity information page.