ICS cyber security training becomes exciting

Now ICS cyber security training has become more exciting than ever. Abhisam has added an assignment module in the Industrial Cybersecurity training program, where enrolled learners take part in an exciting thriller.


As you know this training program leads to industrial control systems security certifications that you must have, in today’s industrial automation world. Plant Owners, process licensors, utility companies, engineering design consulting companies, EPC contractors and even regulatory authorities have started insisting on plant industrial automation and control systems, as well as safety instrumented systems to be designed in such a manner as to ensure cybersecurity.

Cyber attacks on plants and facilities are growing and because these control and automation systems control physical assets (cyber-physical systems), it is all the more critical to ensure that the bad guys cannot break into them and cause havoc. Many of these organizations therefore insist that engineers and specialists, including IT professionals get trained and certified in this area.

What’s new in the Abhisam course

Coming back to the Abhisam thriller, the story is set on two different continents and includes spies, hired guns, a maniacal dictator, stock speculators, people who inadvertently help the perps and a team that is maintaining and protecting the Industrial Control System of a manufacturing plant from cyber attacks by state actors.

This gives the participants in the training course an opportunity to take part in an exercise that mirrors real life events. They can choose to be part of one of the two teams (similar to Red Team and Blue Team exercises) but in this case they are not in real time but not synchronized with other learners. It also gives the participants a birds eye view of all the state and non state actors, who may have a vested interest in the damage of a plant’s control¬† system and other assets controlled by the system.

The situations as given in the thriller are however applicable to any manufacturing plant, not necessarily to only those in the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector, or to chemicals processing. They could apply to power generation and distribution, oil & gas refining, water supply systems, wastewater treatment plants and others, where the possibility of inflicting damage via an attack on the automation and/or safety instrumented system exists.


Here is a short video that describes the opening part of the story, the subsequent parts are available only to enrolled learners.

With the addition of such game based learning modules, perhaps the Abhisam ICS Cyber security training course is the only one of its kind that has such a module that is non conventional. This makes it much more interesting to learners.

You can see the demo of this course here.

How to acquire industrial control systems security certifications?

These certifications are a must have in today’s world. However many of them have a long winded process, are expensive and require you to attend in-person classes.

Well the good news is that in case of Abhisam, this is not true. The course can be done completely online, at your own pace, is very interesting and easy to understand and is not expensive at all, as compared to others.  Professional from all over the world have already enrolled into this and qualified. These include engineers and professionals working in companies like Black & Veatch, FLSmidth, Yokogawa, Qatar Chemicals, SASOL and many more.

To qualify for earning the Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity Professional certification, you need to complete all modules of the e-learning course and pass the associated exam. You also get an electronic badge that you can display on your social media profiles like for example on LinkedIn. This leads to increased visibility of your skills in this area to interested employers and clients.