Abhisam’s New Learning Portal-PrettyGoodCourses

Abhisam is super excited to announce the launch of their new e-learning portal, PrettyGoodCourses. The portal is now live at https://prettygoodcourses.com and it can be accessed by anybody, via any device be it a PC or laptop or Mobile or Tablet.

There are a variety of paid off the shelf courses as well as free learning courses available in our XPRTU format. Simply register on the portal and start learning new skills today! You can also get certified if you take our online exam that is associated with every paid course. You not only get an electronic pdf certificate, but also a badge that is issued via Credly and can be shared online on places such as LinkedIn and Facebook. This is a great way to announce and showcase your newly acquired skills to your colleagues & co-workers, or present and future bosses and clients.

If you are an employee or a contractor-Get that raise that you always wanted, or be eligible to apply for jobs that require prerequisite skills!

If you are an employer, then nominate your employees to take these courses (can be taken anytime 24/7) and we can also make a detailed training record of your employees available to you! It’s great to demonstrate legal compliance, especially for safety training!

All electronic badges are compliant to Mozilla’s Open Badges standard and are issued via Credly, one of the world’s largest badge issuer. This is the best anti-counterfeiting feature available.  Now counterfeit certificates are a thing of the past. Instantly verify any badge by clicking on it to confirm if it really belongs to the person who furnishes it!

At the moment the following paid and free training courses are available:

  1. Hydrogen Sulfide
  2. Hazardous Area Instrumentation
  3. Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)
  4. HAZOP
  5. Safety Instrumented Systems
  6. Industrial Cybersecurity
  7. Safe Chemical Warehousing
  8. Gas Monitors
  9. Basic RFID Technology
  10. RFID
  11. Fieldbus
  12. Functional Safety Mock Test
  13. Hazardous Area Mock Test

New training Courses are being added all the time and in the near future expect the following ones to be available soon

  1. Hazardous Area Classification
  2. Working at Height
  3. Hazard Identification
  4. P & IDs
  5. Intrinsic Safety
  6.  Level Measurement
  7. Pressure Instrumentation
  8. Flow Measurement
  9. Temperature Measurement
  10. Nitrogen Safety
  11. Electrical Schematics