Abhisam Industrial IoT and Digitalisation workshop in Hyderabad, India- June 2018

Abhisam is pleased to announce an Industrial IoT and Digitalisation workshop in Hyderabad on 29th and 30th June 2018. This  workshop which is a Level 2 (Samurai) workshop will be a detailed experience into the new Industrial Internet of Things and Digitalization technology that is revolutionizing all industrial sectors.

One of the myths about IIoT and Digitalization in plants such as chemical process plants, pharmaceutical plants, power plants, mining operations and so on is that they will not be impacted much because there are already digitized. Nothing could be further from the truth. In reality most Instrumentation, Control Systems (be it a DCS or a PLC/SCADA or a SIS) installed in even newer plants is technology that is quite old. Even your mobile phone today has more computing power than some of the DCS controllers that you will find in these plants! So the reality is that they will be affected (positively) by this new wave. You can also benefit from implementing these technologies, whether you are from the user side or from the automation vendor side or an engineering consultant or even an EPC contractor.

By attending this workshop, you will learn how due to new Digitalization technology, it is now possible to implement very cost effective, cyber secure, fast data acquisition and control schemes without any problems at all.

This workshop will cover everything that you need to know to come up to speed with this new technology including the different kinds of digital field devices that can be used, secure connection protocols like MQTT that can replace older insecure protocols such as Modbus and others, different IIoT platforms that free up the data that is now isolated in your DCS “islands of automation”, building cyber security from the ground up and much more!

Learn all of these new skills, which will be in high demand in a short while from now. This is an opportunity waiting to be grabbed! All participants will get this Samurai electronic badge from Abhisam (via Credly, which is the largest badge issuer in the world). This badge (only representational image below, the actual badge will have embedded info). Display this badge across social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, so your achievements can be seen by prospective clients and customers or your boss. What’s more the badge will conform to the Mozilla Open Badges standard, so you can add it your online backpack with badges from other providers (who also need to conform to this standard).

Note: There is a special discount for students!

Register at the link here.

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