Abhisam Express Industrial IoT Workshop in Pune in April 2018

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Abhisam is pleased to announce that it will conduct an Express Industrial Internet of Things workshop on April 7th, 2018 in Pune. This Express training workshop aims to train the participant in the essentials of Industrial IoT technology. It can be attended by anybody with a technical background who wishes to get acquainteAbhisam IIoT Ninja badged with this upcoming new Industrie 4.0 wave. You may be an Electronics, Instrumentation/Control System/Automation engineer, or a Mechanical/Chemical/Mettalurgical engineer, it does not matter! You need to come up to speed with this emerging new IIoT wave or risk getting left behind! Ditto if you are an IT guy! It is not enough now just to know about the platform side of things- many IoT workshops either concentrate only on the platforms or only on the edge and field devices side- we are the only ones who step you through the entire spectrum of the Industrial Internet of Things world, from dumb machines to smart machines to edge devices to the cloud and also on the other way round.

This intensive one day workshop will be conducted by our IIoT Evangelist, Anand Iyer, who is having more than 25 years of experience in various companies and industries all over the world including India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Germany and the US.

You will  get an electronic badge on participating- Our IIoT Ninja badge! This Open Badges standard compatible badge can be easily added to your LinkedIn profile or Facebook page and will give you the visibility that you deserve after taking part in this training workshop.

Note: The badge shown here is an image of a “”dumb” badge, the real one can be clicked to reveal authentication information, so that nobody can forge it! It will reveal issued to whom, name, date of issue, criteria of issue and so on. This is the new way to demonstrate your skills.

Here’s what you will learn in this intensive one day training workshop.

Module 1- Basic Concepts
* Introduction to IoT- Background & History
* How is IIoT different from plain vanilla IoT?
* Challenges facing IIoT due to the I part
* Traditional Data Acquisition & Control Architectures- PLC/DCS/SCADA/SIS
* Changes in legacy architectures due to to IIoT
* Industry 4.0 Concepts

Module 2- Understanding IIoT Architectures
* Understanding Industrial architectures
* Understanding Field Devices
* Understanding Edge Gateways in IIoT
* Connecting legacy I/Os – Analog 4-20 mA, Fieldbus, Wireless devices and Gateways
* Communication Protocol MQTT
* Cybersecurity Considerations

Module 3- IIoT Platforms
* Characteristics of IIoT platforms- Open Source, Third Party or Dedicated
* What is the Cloud? Why use it?
* Fog, Private Cloud & Public Cloud
* Using Microsoft Azure as an IIoT platform & demonstration of capabilities
* Using other IoT platforms such as SAP Leonardo & Amazon Web Services (AWS)
* Analytic Applications & Dashboards

Module 4-Building your IIoT Device & Demo Building an IIoT Device
* Developing Specifications Selecting Field devices & the platform
* Practical Demo of Valve Simulator & interfacing with a cloud platform
* Practical Demo of Vibration Monitoring solution and using AI

Here is a candid image from one of our two day IIoT Workshops held in Mumbai.

Here, you can see Anand Iyer explaining about the valve simulator that was created to demonstrate the new IIoT technology. Video was shot during the two day Mumbai workshop.

YouTube video

Interested? Don’t wait now! Register Now while seats are available! Special Discount for students of engineering colleges. Contact us more more details by sending an email to sales@abhisam.com or calling us on +91 22 21732956.