Abhisam Express IIoT and Digitalization Workshop in Mumbai in May 2018

Abhisam is pleased to announce that it is holding an Express IIoT and Digitalisation training workshop in Mumbai on 5th May 2018. This workshop will be an intensive one day event that will bring you up to speed with the Industrial Internet of Things and Digitalisation. These technologies are truly revolutionary and will completely change the way that you design, engineer and run plants in the future. This technology will have a much bigger impact than what happened when PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers ) and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) were introduced the first time.

Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud
Practical Demonstration of an IIoT device and interface to cloud

It is essential for all engineers and especially for Instrumentation, Automation & Control System engineers and professionals to learn and come to grips with this new technology fast, to avoid becoming obsolete in their field. Other disciplines such as Electrical & Mechanical will also find this highly useful as there are several applications using this that can help them. On the Cloud side, if you are an IT professional of any kind, then this workshop will show you how field devices get connected to IoT platforms in the cloud and how you can quickly deploy them. Clients are now asking for IIoT Solutions and it requires an understanding of multiple fields, that this workshop will provide.

You can also earn the IIoT Ninja badge, that you can share on places like LinkedIn and Facebook. This badge is issued via Credly, the largest badge issuer on the planet!

Abhisam IIoT Ninja badge
The IIoT Ninja Badge (sample). Note that the ctual badge will have an embedded snippet of code that establishes authenicity and can be shared online on places like LinkedIn and Facebook.

Do not confuse this workshop with similar sounding workshops held for hobbyists or school students. This is the real industrial stuff, that is not taught anywhere else. Work yourself on live industrial devices such as Valve push button stations and Water Quality Monitoring stations. See how they securely interface to cloud platforms and how you can deploy one or a million devices effectively.

To participate, book now to avoid being left out as doors will close fast. Register by clicking the link below.