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Attention Employees: Design engineers, maintenance engineers, instrument technicians & supervisors, safety specialists...ANYONE who works in hazardous areas that need to understand how Area Classification works.

Here's what you need to know about  Hazardous Area Classification:

  • Every year there are many accidents and explosions, that take place due to a poor knowledge of hazardous area classification. Just last year, there was a dust explosion at the Imperial Sugar Industries in Savannah, GA, that resulted in a large number of fatalities. Similar accidents take place all over the year, all over the world in hazardous areas. The only way to prevent such accidents, is to be aware of hazardous areas and how to manage them effectively.

Attention Employers: Company owners, Plant managers, foremen, safety trainers and anyone who is in charge of personnel who are required to undergo hazardous area classification training...

  • You know that it's YOUR responsibility to train your employees... So what are your options?
  • You could pay thousands of dollars to send employees to live training workshops, or several hundreds of dollars on study guides, books and courses...
  • OR pay some esoteric safety consultants to classify your hazardous areas in your plant.
  • BUT it IS your plant and you know it in and out. Which is why is makes more sense to do the area classification exercise yourself. But how will you start?
  • OR you can pay a one time fee, to get the Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification that has proven to be the fastest and easiest way for employees to learn... And RETAIN... Information about hazardous areas. 

This ebook on Hazardous Area Classification will everything that You Need To Know About Hazardous Areas...

Let's face it, you probably don't wake up in the morning excited about getting started with Hazardous Area Classification ... It's not the most fun subject in the world to learn about...

But our ebook has made it much simpler and easier....No fluff or filler. Just the information that you really NEED TO KNOW to make your plant or facility a safer place to work.
You probably already know just how important Hazardous Area Classification is, and how difficult it can be to learn everything that you need to know.

Until now, you had to spend years studying books, reports, the various standards (that are themselves difficult to understand and also sometimes rather confusing) and other training materials. You had to spend thousands of dollars on expensive training classes...

And if you're like most people, you'd just end up more confused than you were before you started your area classification exercise.
Learn everything you need to know about hazardous area classification....

  • Learn about gas, vapor and dust explosions
  • Learn all about various area, materials and temperature classifications...
  • A practical guide to classifying hazardous areas in your plant or facility...
  • The differences in various standards.
  • A practical case study of an actual area classification exercise, with actual engineering drawings and photos.
  • State of area classification in today's process plants and facilities
  • Pitfalls of wrong area classification
  • How you can SAVE MONEY and MAKE YOUR PLANT SAFER with proper area classification.

  We Cover Every Single Aspect Of Hazardous Area Classification...

There are no complicated equations or math (that may induce withdrawal symptoms in most practising engineers and other professionals). Just a practical "How-To" Guide in a easy to use pdf format. You can read it on screen or take a printout.

You can use our ebook to train employees, to train yourself, and to make sure that you're properly trained and able to perform your job in the safest manner possible.

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Still Have Questions? No Problem, Here's A List Of Our Most Frequently Asked Questions.

What is the ebook? Is it just a power point presentation?
No, it is NOT a power point presentation at all!  It is a full fledged, comprehensive e-book (in a flip page format) that you can view using a reader known as DNL reader (just like Adobe reader, but much better).
Get the DNL reader here.

How will I get access to the book?
Simply download it just like that! You can read the first two chapters free, if you find that it is useful, simply come here and buy it. You will be sent a license key to unlock it.

Can I store it on a USB?
Sure, you can. At the time of activation, you will be offered this as an option.

What Operating Systems will it work on?
It will work on Windows systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8)

Do I have to pay any recurring license fees?
No, absolutely not. There are NO RECURRING LICENSE FEES.

What is the ordering process?
When you click on the Buy Now!! button, you will be taken to our payment processor, Fast Spring as they process the payments for us. Ordering is completely secure. You can pay online by either Credit Card, Paypal or wire transfer/manual order. Note that you will get the license key to activate your ebook, only after payment is approved.

Our Practical Guide to Hazardous Area Classification  is the only kind of ebook available in the market today. It is packed with real important information, no fluff or filler.

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Click the button below to order, the course will be available for instant download after payment.

All payments are handled via secure encrypted servers provided by Fast Spring OR Share-It.

The Abhisam Software Team

P.S. This is the most effective "Practical Guide to Hazardous Areas" book that you will find... Not only does it make the process easy, but it's the most cost effective solution on the market as well.
Hazardous Area Classification
A Lack Of Knowledge Can Cost You Your Job, Your Money, Your Business... Even Your Life...
Hazardous Area Classification
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Hazardous Area Classification
            $47 US
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Hazardous Area Classification
            $47 US
  • Single PC License
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