Free H2S awareness training course from Abhisam

The Abhisam free H2S awareness training has become a de-facto standard for anybody who needs to know about working in an area that may have Hydrogen Sulfide (also spelled as Hydrogen Sulphide in geographies such as the UK, India and Australia- both refer to the same H2S gas). This  online H2S awareness course can be taken by anybody completely free of cost.

Why is H2S awareness training so important?

H2S is a highly toxic gas that can be fatal if inhaled in even very small quantities (even in parts per million concentration, also known as ppm). Thus anybody who works in an area that may have presence of H2S needs to be completely aware about H2S safety measures. Worker safety is very important for all industries and H2 awareness training is essential. Periodic refresher H2S training is also important as people may forget about training that was completed a long time ago. Hydrogen Sulfide exposure can often lead to severe injury and can be fatal in many cases, as happened in the recent incident in Odessa, TX (read on below).

Fatal H2S accidents- The Odessa H2S accident

Despite a lot of training programs, H2S fatal accidents continue to happen all over the world and even in countries such as the United States. Recently in October 2019, there was a tragic accident in Odessa, TX where an oilfield worker failed to follow the safety procedures regarding working in an area that has H2S gas and became fatally injured. To add to the tragedy his spouse came looking for him and she too lost her life. Watch the H2s Safety video below, prepared by the US Chemical Safety Board to know more.

Who can take this free Hydrogen Sulfide awareness course?

This free online H2S  awareness online training course can be taken by anybody. All you need is a device with a browser, it works on any laptop, whethere Windows PC, Mac, or Linux as well as on iPad, Android phone or tablet- basically any device with a browser. Sign up now and get immediate access. The course has text, voice over, animations and simulations that explain key concepts and a test that qualifies the learner to receive a certificate (optional). You can use this course to obtain H2S certification (also known as H2S ticket in some areas) for a nominal fee but this is completely optional.

Mandatory Safety Training

This course can be considered as a part of mandatory safety training for anybody who would be working in an area that could have the presence of Hydrogen Sulfide gas. OSHA requires workers who have a risk of exposure to Hydrogen Sulfide gas be fully aware of its hazards and be adequately trained to protect themselves. Hydrogen sulfide exposure is addressed in specific OSHA standards for general industry, maritime, and construction. You can read more on Hydrogen Sulfide standards at the OSHA website.

If your organization follows good Process Safety Management standards then this H2S awareness training online is a must for all employees

Is this the same as OPITO or H2S alive?

No, this free H2S course is made and owned by Abhisam.  It has nothing to do with the above paid courses affiliated with Opito.

Read more about H2S certification here.