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Abhisam has a diverse set of highly talented and experienced professionals in multiple areas.

This enables us to provide niche consulting & advisory services to clients in the areas of Risk Assessment related to Process Safety (such as HAZOP Study, LOPA Study, Industrial Cybersecurity), Technical Due Diligence for process plants & sites, Plant and Site Decontamination and Decommissioning, design and development of Learning Management Systems and Training Records management for compliance.

Process & Site Safety Audit

Abhisam can conduct rapid or comprehensive Process Safety Audits and Site Safety Audits anywhere in the world. These audits are based on an in-house developed set of procedures and checklists that will let you know immediately if problems exist in the current safety systems at your site. Summary and detailed reports can be provided to plant or company management about discovered issues and corrective actions needed in order to comply with generally accepted best practices.

Audits can be either for the entire site, or for a particular plant or process facility and can typically cover the Process Safety Management Systems, Permit Systems, Management of Change procedures, Functional Safety Management system, Emergency and Incident Response systems.

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Abhisam HAZOP Consulting

Abhisam Plant safety Audit


Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP) and Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) are very popular as Risk Assessment techniques in the Process Industries such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Power plants and similar. Abhisam can help you in conducting these by providing a HAZOP/LOPA Leader/Facilitator and Scribe. Our consultants have multiple decades of experience in conducting these studies for various plants and facilities all over the world.

If you would like to learn about HAZOP and LOPA in a traditional classroom style workshop, please click here.

For an online training course with HAZOP Certification, please see here.

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ICS Cyber Risk Assessment

Industrial Cybersecurity deals with the protection of Industrial Control Systems (think DCS, PLC, SCADA, SIS- collectively referred to as ICS) from cyber attacks that can cripple critical infrastructure and cause damage to assets as well as injuries to people and damage to the environment. Unfortunately most current Industrial Systems that are installed and working in today's plants (chemical process plants, oil refineries, etc)  and other facilities (such as tank farms or electrical substations) are not at all designed to be protected against such attacks. Abhisam's consultants can evaluate your present systems and suggest remedial measures to reduce your risk against such incidents. Suggested measures will be technical as well as managerial.

If you would like to learn more about ICS Cybersecurity, then please take a look at our online training course here.

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ICS Cybersecurity

Technical Due Diligence

Taking over a company's process plant?

As a going concern or at scrap value?

If it is a running plant/facility and you intend to operate it, then you must do a "technical due diligence", to ensure you are not getting sold a lemon. Many Mergers & Acquisitions teams focus only on Financial Due Diligence and do not do enough on the technical due diligence. You must carry out such a technical due diligence with respect to any industrial plant or facility that you intend to buy or take over. This is to avoid problems later, whether they relate to inherent safety issues at the plant, or the state of their equipment including process equipment and electricals/control systems, or the existing safety management systems in place, or their environmental discharges. Carrying out this study is best left to technical professionals who have routinely built, operated, taken over or sold plants in the past. We have this expertise in house, find out more here.

Abhisam Technical Due Diligence

Abhisam Technical Due Diligence

Decontamination & Decommissioning

When a plant approaches the end of its lifecycle, or for regulatory or business reasons, it needs to be closed down. Or perhaps it may have to be shifted to a new location. In all such cases involving the process industry, we need to decommission it. This involves many activities including carrying out a Risk Assessment, planning the Decontamination activities, training of contractor personnel, estimating the environmental aspects and so on.

Abhisam has the expertise for this and can provide consulting and advisory services to such projects.

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Learning Management Systems & Training Records Management

Modern organizations use Learning Management Systems (LMS for short), to manage mandatory as well as optional training for their employees and other parters suchj as distributors or contractors. The old way was to track everything manually, but now technology has evolved, so you can train employees via e-learning and also maintain records of their training activity (such as login times, test scores and performance) via LMS. Older legacy LMS were stand alone systems and proprietary. Modern LMS can be open source or a mix of open source and proprietary systems that are much more cost effective to deploy and maintain.

Abhisam can either quickly deploy such a solution for your organization OR you could subscribe to Abhisam's corporate LMS in the Software as a Service model, where your courses can be hosted and employee training performance can be tracked by us. Get informative charts, graphs and other easy to understand data representations, or use your own Learning Record Store.  Find out more here.

Abhisam Learning Management System

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