Fieldbus Training Workshop

Abhisam conducts several Instrumentation and Automation training workshops. One of these is the Fieldbus training workshop. However due to COVID-19 restrictions, this workshop is now not held. All the content is now already available in the Fieldbus training course here.


A two day program

  • Do you know how Fieldbus technology is used in plants today?
  • Can you design, engineer and select appropriate Fieldbus instruments?
  • Can you allocate fieldbus instruments to different segments?
  • Are you familiar with Link Active Schedulers?
  • Can you set up Fieldbus Function blocks?
  • Are you aware how ” Control in the Field” is implemented?
  • Are you familiar with smart positioners for control valves?
  • Are you familiar with different topologies such as Chicken Foot, Daisy chain and others?
  • Do you know how to commission & troubleshoot Fieldbus instruments in the plant?

If you answered NO to any of the above questions,  then it is time for you to attend one of our Fieldbus Training Workshops.

If you answered NO to any of the above questions,  then it is time for you to attend one of our Fieldbus Training Workshops.

Day 1: Fieldbus Technology Review

This is a full day, intensive classroom session taken by an industry expert who has hands on experience of implementing Fieldbus systems all over the world.

Topics Covered:
1. Introduction to Bus Networks, types and Fieldbus Technology
2. Evolution from legacy measurement and control techniques
3. Introduction to FOUNDATION Fieldbus, HART and Profibus protocols
4. OSI Model
5. Physical Layer Characteristics, H1, H2, HSE Networks
6. Foundation Fieldbus (FF) Power Supplies and Sizing
7. FF Topologies such as Daisy Chain, Chicken Foot, etc
8. FF Data Link Layer, Cyclic and Acyclic Communications, Link Master, Link Active Scheduler
9. FF User Layer, various blocks such as Transducer block, PID blocks, etc, Control in Field concept, Macrocycles.
10. Design Engineering considerations for a Fieldbus project

Day 2: Fieldbus in the Field and Control Room

This day will be a full day hands on session conducted in an industrial lab with a full setup of process vessels, piping and pumps on which various Fieldbus instruments are mounted. Learn to query Fieldbus instruments, investigate basic parameters, see how they get interfaced to a DCS and more.

Topics Covered:
1. Planning and setting up a Fieldbus segment
2. Commissioning of FF devices and interfacing with a DCS
3. Implementing Control in the Field with smart positioners
4. Troubleshooting various problems


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