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Hazardous Area Instrumentation
Hazardous Area Instrumentation Training & Certification
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Customer Testimonial

I have worked in the International Oil and Gas Industry as a technical instructor for more than thirty years. Most of my work has been with those whose first language is not necessarily English; hence "understanding" can be a problem!

I have both use and recommended the products of Abhisam as excellent training support aids. My field of work has been in the areas of instrumentation and automation.  The materials are presented in a very professional manner being clear, concise and very easy to understand.

I recommend them highly to all engineers and technicians in our industry.

It is my intention to increase my library of Abhisam training materials and to use them not only to enhance my own fields of work but to hopefully increase Abhisam sales! They are excellent and I recommend them highly. No praise is too great!!

John Longden
Petroleum Training Institute (UK)

We are the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company, one of the major Oil & Gas production companies in EGYPT. I would like to express our good impression on such course. It is one of the most comprehensive, information rich and fun at the same time regarding Hazard area classification and its equipment installation practice.
Best regards for the abhisam company

Instrumentation Department

Working as an Electrical and Instrumentation Technician at a busy refinery I often have to undertake maintenance and install new process control components in a wide variety of locations. Not being fully aware of the the current regulations and requirements imposed on hazardous areas I took it upon myself to further my education in this field, I purchased the Hazardous Area Instrumentation e-learning course by Abhisam. I found this product to be very informative and easy to understand. It is a very useful tool to have on hand when determining zones, temperature classifications, Gas groups and equipment selection for use in different areas. The price of the product compared with others is fantastic and I personally recommend that any technician working in this field should own a copy.

Western Australia

Module 5 : Certification
Pg         Topics
1   Introduction
2   Certification Bodies
3   Marking & Labeling-1
4   Marking & Labeling-2
5   ATEX Marking
6   Marking and Labeling-example 1
7   Testing
8   Hexagon Ex and CE marks
9   Marking and Labeling-example 2
10 The IEC Ex system

Module 6 : Inspections and Maintenance
Pg          Topics
1   Introduction and General Guidelines
2   Inspections
3   Explosion proof equipment-1
4   Explosion proof equipment-2
5   Explosion proof equipment-3
6   Explosion proof equipment-4
7   Explosion proof equipment-5
8   Intrinsically Safe equipment-1
9   Intrinsically Safe equipment-2
10 Intrinsically Safe equipment-3
11 Intrinsically Safe equipment-4
12 Dust Ignitioproof equipment
13 Purged and Pressurized equipment

Self Assessment Test
Take a look at our Table of Contents below. EVERYTHING that you need to know about Instrumentation and Control systems in Hazardous Areas is covered.
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2. We can also offer a HOSTED option. This allows learners to take the entire course ONLINE without DOWNLOADING any software at all. Reports of learner login times, scores can be provided.
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What is the course? Is it just a power point presentation?
No, it is NOT a power point presentation at all!  It is a full fledged, comprehensive e-learning course that runs on your computer (Windows based OS only). The course has extensive graphics and animations (see the demo here), explanatory text and real-life photos.There is a self assessment test at the end of the course that allows you to gauge your own understanding. If you wish you can then take the online test, that entitles you to a printable Certificate of Competency , if you pass.

How will I get access to the course?
When you order online, after your payment is processed, you will get a download link in your email plus a license key. You can download the file from the link. You will also get access on instructions on how to install this file on your computer. You need to register the software online with your license key at the time of installation. After it is installed, you need not be online. The software will be resident on your computer.

What Operating Systems will it work on?
It will work on any Windows OS (2000, NT, XP,Vista, 7). With Windows Vista & 7, you need to have permission to install and run executable files on your computer.

Can it run off a CD or a DVD?
The training course is in the form of an executable program that you install on your computer. Thus it has to be installed on your computer to run it. You can always back it up on a CD if you need to. However you cannot just copy it to a CD and then run it on any computer. (Just as you would not be able to say, run a program like Microsoft Office directly from a CD, you have to install it.

I am a trainer in Hazardous Area Instrumentation and/or Safety Instrumentation. Can I get it on a CD as I would like to carry it with me on the road, when I deliver training at various plant sites?
No, you cannot run it off a CD as described above. However, you can always install it on your laptop and carry it wherever you want.

Do I have to pay any recurring license fees?
No, absolutely not. There are NO RECURRING LICENSE FEES. When you buy the license key, it is valid for installation on one computer forever (as long as you do not change your hard disk, as the license key is bound to the hard disk). Thus there are no recurring license fees. However if you wish to install on additional computers, you have to buy additional license fees.

I have to upgrade my computer. Can I use the same license on my new computer?
You are allowed to transfer your license to a new computer ONCE without any charge (if in future you decide to upgrade your computer for example). You have to request a license transfer from us BEFORE you do this, however. The first license transfer is available without any charge, subsequent transfers will have an administrative fee applicable.

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When you click on the BUY NOW button, you will be taken to our payment processor, Fast Spring's web site as they process the payments for us. Ordering is completely secure. You can pay online by either Credit Card, Paypal or wire transfer/manual order. Note that you will get the download link and license key only after payment is approved.

How long will I be able to access the course?
The course is a program file that you install on your computer. As long as you continue to have access to your own computer, you can access the program.

Can I install it on multiple computers?
Each license key allows you to install on one computer. If you need to install on multiple computers please buy additional licenses (one for each computer) OR you can buy our SERVER license for use in your company on a large number of workstations. A USB license is also now available. Please ask us for prices or additional info.

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Hazardous Area Instrumentation
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Hazardous Area Instrumentation
            $150 US
  • Single PC License
  • Instant Download
  • Online Exam
  • Certification

           $199 US
  • Dual PC License
  • Instant Download
  • Online Exam
  • Certification

              $99 US
  • One Week Online Access
  • Online Exam
  • Certification
Module 1 : Basic Concepts
Pg      Topics
1 Introduction to hazardous areas
2 History Related to Mines
3 Flammable Materials
4 Fire Triangle
5 Explosive Limits (Concept of LEL & UEL)
6 Hazardous Atmosphere
7 Effects of Temperature and Pressure
8 Ignition Energy
9 Flashpoint
10 Auto Ignition Temperature
11 Dust Hazards
12 Explosion Pentagon

Module 2 : Classification
Pg        Topics
1 Why do we classify Hazardous Areas
2 More about Classification
3 Different Types of Standards
4 Standards Bodies (IEC)
5 Standards Bodies (NFPA)
6 Area Classification for Gases ( IEC ) Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2
7 Area Classification for Gases (IEC)-Example
8 Area Classification for Dust atmospheres ( IEC ) Zone 20, Zone 21, Zone 22
9 Area Classification for Dust atmospheres ( IEC )-Example
10 Material Classification (IEC)
11 Material Classification (IEC)-Examples
13 Minimum Ignition Current (MIC)
14 Minimum Ignition Current Curve
15 MIC Ratio
16 Temperature Classification (IEC)
17 Temperature Classification (IEC)-Example
18 Classification of Hazardous Locations (North American system) Divsion 1, Division 2
19 Classification of Hazardous Locations (North American system) -2
20 Material Classification for Gases & Vapors (North American system)
21 Classification of Gas Groups (North American System)
22 Comparison between IEC and North American System
23 Article 505 of the National Electrical Code
24 Area Classification of Dusts (North American)
25 Area Classification of Dusts (North American)-2
26 Dust Groups (North American)
27 Fibers and Flyings (North American)
28 Temperature Classification (North American)
29 Step by step area classification of gases and vapors
30 Step by step area classification of gases and vapors
31 Pitfalls in the classification process
32 Area Classification for dusts
33 Example of Area Classification-1
34 Example of Area Classification-2
35 Example of Area Classification-3
36 Introduction to ATEX
37 ATEX Directives
38 ATEX Directive 94/9/EC
39 ATEX Equipment and Categories
40 ATEX Suitability Table
41 ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC
42 ATEX Directive 1999/92/EC (contd)
Module 3: Methods of Protection
Pg          Topics
1 Overview of protection methods
2 Explosion proof method  (IEC Code Ex-d)
3 Explosion proof Fundamentals-1
4 Explosion proof Fundamentals -2
5 Explosion proof working-1
6 Explosion proof working-2
7 Pressure developed in enclosures-1
8 Pressure developed in enclosures-2
9 Pressure Piling
10 Explosion proof MESG
11 Standards and practices for explosionproofing
12 Explosion proof seals
13 Explosion proof IEC-1
14 Explosion proof IEC -2
15 Dust Ignition Proof
16 Explosion proof Advantages
17 Explosion proof Disadvantages
20 Intrinsic Safety (IEC Code Ex-i)
21 Intrinsic Safety Basics
22 Intrinsic Safety Resistive circuits
23 Intrinsic Safety- Inductive circuits
24 Intrinsic Safety- Capacitive circuits
25 Minimum Ignition Current
26 Resistive circuit curves
27 Curves for Gas Group IIC
28 Capacitive circuit curves
29 Inductive Circuit curves
30 Intrinsic Safety- Simple Apparatus
31 Intrinsic Safety  apparatus
32 Intrinsic Safety Barriers - Diodes
33 Intrinsic Safety Barriers- Zener Diodes
34 Ordinary Diode curves
35 Zener Diode Curves
36 Functioning of a safety barrier-1
37 Functioning of a safety barrier-2
38 Safety Description of barriers
39 Zener Barrier example
40 Zener Barrier earthing
41 Isolators
42 Isolator details
43 Infallible components
44 Entity Concept
45 Cable Parameters & L/R ratio
46  Ex-ia,  Ex-ib, Ex-ic
47 Intrinsic Safety parameters
48 Matching of IS parameters
49 Designing an Intrinsically Safe loop -example
50 Intrinsic Safety design example (contd)
51 Intrinsic Safety Advantages/Disadvantages
53 Pressurization & Purging 
54 Types of Pressurization
55 Pressurization- Type X,Y,Z
57 Pressurization-IEC Norms Ex-px,py,pz
58 Pressurization-advantages & disadvantages
59 Increased Safety Introduction
60 Increased Safety-Construction
61 Creepage & clearances
62 Overloads
63 Increased Safety-Advantages & disadvantages
64 Nonincendive equipment
65 Non arcing equipment
66 Ex-nA and Ex-nL differences
67 Nonincendive-Advantages & disadvantages
68 Encapsulation
69 Powder filling & oil immersion
70 IEC Equipment Protection Level (EPL)
71 IEC Protection Methods Summary
72 Weather Protection
73 Weather Protection-NEMA codes for indoor nonhazardous locations
74 Weather protection- NEMA codes for outdoor nonhazardous locations
75 NEMA Hazardous locations
76 Ingress Protection codes (IP codes)
77 IP Codes chart
78 Comparison NEMA and IP
Module 4 : Fieldbus Application
Pg         Topics
1   Fieldbus in Hazardous Areas
2   Fieldbus using traditional Explosion proof methods
3   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-1
4   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-2
5   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-3
6   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-4
7   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-5
8   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-6
9   Fieldbus using Intrinsic Safety-7
10 Fieldbus Entity Calculation example
12 FISCO Toplogy
13 FISCO Conditions
14 FISCO Advantages
16 FNICO with repeaters
17 FNICO and Ex-ic
18 Field barriers and High Energy Trunks
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