Abhisam GOLD membership- get all courses at one low price!

Abhisam last year introduced the tremendously popular Abhisam GOLD membership plan, where for a small monthly fee, you get access to all Abhisam Courses (except the Abhisam HAZOP Leader program) at once. For a one time joining fee and a small monthly fee, you can get the entire Abhisam Course Catalog all at once. This is a tremendously valuable deal, which you cannot get with any other course provider. What’s more you get one Certification test free every month and if you need more, simply buy additional tests at a discounted price. Here are all the courses that you get with a single GOLD Membership. These courses are hard to find anywhere else. These courses help you learn and upskill yourself with in-demand hard skills, they are not “feel good fluff courses” that you get sometimes from other portals. If you take the highly acclaimed Abhisam Certification Exam for an …

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Free White Papers, Videos, Podcasts from Abhisam

Now get all your Abhisam free white papers, videos and podcast resources in one single place on the Abhisam website. No need to use the Search function. Simply go to https://www.abhisam.com/free-white-papers-podcasts-videos and get what you are looking for. This incredible resource has at the time of this writing more than 19 white papers on various subjects including Process Safety, HAZOP, Industrial IoT and Digitalization, Big Data in Oil and Gas, Functional Safety and SIL, Occupational Health and Safety, Learning Management Systems and more. New white papers are being added from time to time and you can find them here. Here are some of the interesting white papers (titles only) that are published. How to design a chemical warehouse to ensure safety? What is HAZOP? What is CHAZOP? How can a good PSM program (Process Safety Management) help in  Enterprise Risk Management? How to carry out a successful decommissioning project? What …

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Cyber security – Oil and Gas industries

This paper  related to cyber security oil and gas industries, is available as a part of the Abhisam Industrial Cybersecurity report, which can be downloaded now. Author: H Sreedhar. Recent History of Automation in Oil & Gas   The Oil and Gas industry (O & G for short) has been a pioneer in embracing digital technology. It was one of the first industrial sectors to transition to Distributed Control Systems(DCS), from analog electronic control equipment and pneumatic instruments. This transition started in a big way, about 35 years ago, when DCS were a “hi-tech” thing.   O & G is still a tech pioneer, in the era of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial IoT. It quickly embraced concepts like the Digital Oilfield. However, this has led to newer problems related to security. The development of digital control systems and the networking, particularly with the internet, has led to increased risk …

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Become a Certified Functional Safety Professional (Level 1)

Functional Safety Certification Functional Safety Certification is essential for all engineering professionals, who wish to work with Safety Instrumented Systems in industry. Most employers and clients demand that people that they employ have a good understanding of Functional Safety concepts, Standards that are in use and engineering practices. This competency requirement is now mandatory. Take this Functional Safety Certification course (Level 1) from Abhisam from the comfort of your home or office, or anywhere else. You may be located in Bangalore, India or in some city in the US such as Miami, FL or in Sydney, Australia or in Canada. It does not matter. You can take this course from anywhere in the world that has internet connectivity. This is the easiest way to learn about Functional Safety, SIL and SIS Cybersecurity and get certified for free. Abhisam’s Functional Safety, SIL and SIS Cybersecurity (Level 1) is the go-to course …

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Functional Safety Certification Course IEC 61508 Pune India

Update: July 2020:Functional Safety Training We have suspended all in person workshops, due to the pandemic. But all of these have now been replaced by easy, self paced e-learning Functional Safety courses, that you can take online. They are NOT videos of a professor speaking or a simple power point presentation. They are full fledged e-learning courses with text, animations, simulations, real life examples and calculations, exercises, videos and more. Plus get certified when you pass the associated exam and earn electronic badges, that can be displayed online on LinkedIn. Now learn all about Functional Safety and Safety Integrity Level in Pune and get Certified from Germany! Join us from 10-13 April 2017 in Pune, India with global experts from Europe, who will travel especially for this event. Learn from somebody who actually was a Voting Member of the IEC Standards Committee, to get in depth knowledge and skills about …

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Introduction to SIL & Functional Safety in India-Mumbai and Chennai

Update: These workshops are no longer being held. Now learn Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity when you take the Abhisam online, self paced, Level 1, e-learning course anytime at your convenience and from anywhere via any device. No restrictions at all. Learn everything about Safety Instrumented Systems, Safety Integrity level and the latest updates regarding SIS cyber security, as given in the updates to standards IEC 61511 and IEC 61508. For more details please click here. July 4, 2016– Abhisam is pleased to announce a new workshop that will teach engineers, technicians and safety professionals the basics of Safety Integrity Level and Functional Safety. This workshop will be held in association with Risknowlogy GmbH and will be an excellent preliminary training for doing the TUV Certified Functional Safety Professional course. This  training will cover the following topics at an Introductory level. * Functional Safety & Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS …

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Functional Safety Training in Mumbai in April 2016

Update: These workshops are no longer being held. Now get trained in Functional Safety, SIL & SIS Cybersecurity when you take our online, self paced, e-learning course anytime at your convenience. Course is from Abhisam. Learn every thing that you need to know about Safety Instrumented Systems, Safety Integrity level and the latest updates regarding SIS cyber security, as given in the updates to standards IEC 61511 and IEC 61508. Contact us to know more. ——————————————————————– From 25th- 30th April 2016, we will be having two Functional Safety training programs (traditional classroom programs) in Mumbai. These are : TUV Certified Functional Safety Professional program (25-28 April 2016) SIL Verification & Calculation workshop (29-30 April 2016). Both the programs will be conducted by Risknowlogy. Contact us to enroll as seats are limited.