HAZOP Leader Certification Course is now online

Abhisam HAZOP Leader Course

July 16, 2020- The Abhisam  HAZOP Leader certification course is now a completely online, e-learning course now. With the incidence of the pandemic and lockdowns in various places around the world, many learners demanded that the popular course be offered online. Abhisam is now pleased to inform participants that this HAZOP Leader certification course  online … Read more

Abhisam Industrial IoT and Digitalisation workshop in Pune, India- July 2018

Abhisam is pleased to announce its third workshop in Pune!! This Industrial IoT and Digitalisation workshop will take place in Pune, India on 21st and 22nd July 2018 (weekend workshop). This  Level 2 (Samurai) workshop will be a detailed experience into the new Industrial Internet of Things and Digitalization technology that is revolutionizing all industrial … Read more