Process Safety Audits

Abhisam Process Safety Audit

Abhisam can conduct either Rapid Process Safety Audits at your plant or facility or a more detailed comprehensive audit for your site or facility.This is a part of implementing good Process Safety Management in industry.

Based on our wide experience of having personnel who have actually designed, installed commissioned, operated, maintained and decommissioned process plants, in addition to ensuring that they remain safe, we can offer a much better experience for you as the end user because we understand your world and the difficulties that you face everyday in running these complex sites. Thus our solutions for plugging deficiencies and making improvements are more practical to what is easily doable.

We bring to the table decades of experience in actually running plants safely, so our safety audits know quickly where to look for improvements. Not all consultants have this background, especially those that only do safety studies and no no real experience of successfully running plants.

Depending on the type of the audit, we evaluate your site, your Safety Management System, the knowledge of your people, your automation systems, safety instrumented systems, alarm systems, your Emergency Response plan, your earlier safety audits (if done), your management of change systems and many other areas, to spot any improvement areas that can easily increase the safety availability of your site.

It is not enough to only have the best process equipment and/or the best safety equipment in your plant to achieve safety. It requires a great deal of management skills, to ensure that the procedures are followed correctly and at all times, even when nobody's looking.

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