Learning Management Systems

Abhisam has its own Learning Management System, developed on an open source platform, that hosts Abhisam’s courses.

When clients subscribe to an Abhisam e-learning course, their learners access courses on the Abhisam LMS and Enterprise clients can get training records for their learners periodically, which is great for compliance purposes. Reports related to learner activity can be made available such as login times, which modules were accessed, test scores and so on.

Abhisam’s courses conform to TinCan (the next version of the popular SCORM standard)  and can record learner activity at a granular level. This activity can be pushed to a Learning Record Store (LRS) that can be used for learner analytics and data visualization. This is useful for large enterprises to monitor learner activity and outcomes.

Abhisam can also manage your training records for you, if needed for compliance. This is much more cost effective and efficient than having a manual system to record it.

We can customize our training courses for you, or offer our standard off the shelf courses to you in SCORM or TinCan versions, that can be streamed to your own LMS if you have one already.

For larger sets of students/learners we can provide you data analytics based on learner behavior. Visual charts make it easy to understand where you need to focus when it comes to learner engagement. We can stream data to your own LRS (Learner Record Store) or help you set up one or you can subscribe to our LRS on a SaaS basis.

Here is a snapshot from a typical report that shows this.

Everything is possible.

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