GHS- Globally Harmonized System-Training Workshop


This workshop is now suspended. Please take the GHS E-learning course instead.

About this Workshop

GHS stands for the Globally Harmonized System for the classification and labeling of chemicals. It has been developed by the United Nations, to have a common system for the identification, classification and labeling of chemicals all over the world. Until the GHS was formulated many countries and regions had different ways of classifying and identifying the same chemical. This led to many problems, especially for cross border movement and trade in chemicals. GHS is revised approximately every two years by the UN and the latest release was Revision 8 (released in August 2019). GHS  when it was developed by the UN was not mandatory, but today, it has become a de-facto mandatory system since the European Union as well as the OECD countries (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) have made it mandatory for countries that are a member state of these blocks. Since the majority of chemicals manufacturers and shippers are from EU and OECD countries, it is essential for all concerned Chemical industry professionals to be knowledgeable about it.

This course is meant to be taken by professionals from industries that deal with the manufacturing, supply, storage, handling, warehousing, shipping and logistics of chemicals. It will help participants understand all aspects of the latest GHS changes. The workshop is in a blended learning format and it includes a one  day instructor led classroom training session followed by online access to training modules and an online exam. It is designed by experts from industry, who have a minimum of 25 years experience in various industries.

GHS Training Workshop

What the workshop offers you

* One day, hands on training by experts in GHS
* Printed Training Material
* Online Access to the GHS blended learning online module  for 1 year for continued reference while working
* Certificate of Participation from Abhisam
* Optional Professional certification via exam, that leads to  separate certificate and electronic badge via Credly that can be shared online on LinkedIn.


Workshop Contents

The workshop will cover the following topics:

*Introduction to Hazards

–Categories of Hazards

–Types of Hazards

*Hazards Reduction

*Globally Harmonized System (GHS)

–Introduction- The Purple Book


–Two Main Elements

*GHS Classification

–Physical Hazards

–Health Hazards

–Environmental Hazard

*GHS Communication

–Safety Data Sheets


*How to read classification criterion and deduction of classification based on available data

*The meaning of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and how to make use of them

*The detailing of labels and how to use them

*Basic requirements of hazard communications in terms of SDS and Labels when doing business with GHS compliant country

*GHS Information & training

*Revision 8 Updates


Date: To be announced

Location: Dubai

Registration: Please contact us via Form below