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In today's modern economy, many plants and facilities may have to be decommissioned, due to a variety of reasons.Let us see some typical reasons why a company may be wanting to permanently shut down an existing plant or site.

Maybe the plant has reached the end of its lifecycle, or that the company may be exiting a product line that the plant produced, or that the entire site is being shifted to another location, which could even be on another continent.

Or maybe the entire company, having many plants and sites, was sold at one go, but  the new owners do not want to keep one of the older plants(or sites) anymore.

Maybe the company may be increasing capacity at another plant and this being an older plant does not have the economy of scale that is needed.

Maybe new environmental regulations have kicked into play and this old plant can never comply, because it uses older technology. Or the chemical product being produced here has been banned due to being toxic or too dangerous to handle.

Whatever may be the reasons, the plant has now to be decontaminated and then decommissioned. Also the site where it existed may have to undergo some kind of remediation procedure to decontaminate the land and surroundings.

Plant or facility decommissioning in the process industries (such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals) is much more challenging, than in other businesses such as  discrete parts manufacturing, or heavy engineering/fabrication because of the nature of the chemicals handled in such plants and related process safety implications. Many of these may be harmful to the environment because they are toxic, flammable or, explosive.

Decommissioning an old plant is rarer than commissioning a new plant, consequently not many people are skilled in it.  You may find many engineers and technicians who have plenty of experience in design, installation and commissioning of new plants, but not very few who have been involved in decommissioning and dismantling an existing plant.

To carry out a successful decommissioning, you need to hire a consultant who has the people with the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in managing these kind of projects.

Abhisam's consultants bring to the table this knowledge and experience.

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Abhisam Plant Decommissioning Flowchart

The Flowchart shows a snapshot of the typical steps involved in a Decommissioning project.  To know more about it please read the White Paper here.

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